Agreement between RE:OCEAN and distributor Magnussons Fisk

"Thereby strengthen the domestic production and distribution of Swedish land-farmed salmon from Säffle in Värmland", they said.
Sören Windstrup Jensen, CEO of Magnussons Fisk. Photo: Magnussons Fisk / RE:OCEAN.
Sören Windstrup Jensen, CEO of Magnussons Fisk. Photo: Magnussons Fisk / RE:OCEAN.

RE:OCEAN, Sweden's first large-scale land-based salmon farming company, announced today that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Swedish fish wholesaler Magnussons Fisk. Through this agreement, both companies create a "neutral and strong" platform for the distribution of Swedish land-based salmon to small and medium-sized wholesalers and smokehouses, as well as fishmongers and fish shops.

Sustainability at the heart

In the spring of 2022, it was announced that RE:OCEAN would produce 10,000 tons of salmon in Sweden at a planned large-scale sustainable land-based farming facility in Säffle, Värmland, Sweden. Their goal, they explained at the time, was to fill the gap in sustainable production and farming to meet the growing demand for salmon in the country. The project, which has since its inception been supported by Sweden's three major food retailers, Axfood, Coop, and ICA, subsequently won the support of the European Investment Bank (EIB), also known as the EU climate bank, precisely because of this commitment to sustainable food production in the country.

If all goes according to plan, the first salmon will be in stores in 2025, and from 2026/2027 it is expected to be in full production. RE:OCEAN already announced that a significant part of that production will go to Finland's Kalatukku E. Eriksson, owned by Kesko, with which it signed a letter of intent agreement a month ago. The new agreement with Magnussons Fisk made public today means that the company is joining also an independent Swedish fish wholesaler that has been supplying high-quality fish to the Swedes since 1988.

Everything stays in Sweden

"With a focus on proximity, commitment and knowledge, we have built close and long-term collaborations in high-quality seafood. Swedish land-based salmon from RE:OCEAN fits perfectly into our assortment and further strengthens our offer", said Sören Windstrup Jensen, CEO of Magnussons Fisk. RE:OCEAN, for its part, says its ambition is to sign a smaller number of one-off cooperation agreements with fish distributors to reach sustainability- and quality-conscious customers in addition to chain customers in the grocery trade.

Morten Malle, CEO of RE:OCEAN. Photo: RE:OCEAN.

"Our facility in Säffle will contribute to Swedes being able to increase their consumption of locally produced and sustainable salmon, which is such a large part of the food culture. Our collaboration with Magnusson's Fish ensures that we reach fishmongers and the Swedish people in channels that are associated with first-class fish and service and that share our view on sustainability and the protection of the environment", said Morten Malle, CEO of RE:OCEAN.

About RE:OCEAN & Magnussons Fisk

RE:OCEAN objective is to revolutionize the fishing industry with land-based salmon farming at a large-scale facility in Säffle, Sweden, run with 100% fossil-free energy and with 99.99% of all water reused in a closed environment. Through this "new sea on land", the company will be able to locally produce 10,000 tonnes of sustainable and healthy salmon every year. This is equivalent to providing 20 percent of Swedish salmon consumption.

Magnussons Fisk is an independent Swedish fish wholesaler that works daily to create added value for its customers. A high level of customer service and total commitment to purchasing, production, packaging, and delivery enables them to create the right conditions for their partners. All work is carried out with a focus on sustainability to supply high-quality fish and seafood with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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