Innovasea and Petros join forces on a offshore farm project in Aruba

Innovasea and Petros obtained government for a 3,000-ton offshore fish farm close to Aruba in the Caribbean Sea.
Aruba aerial view. Photo: Innovasea.
Aruba aerial view. Photo: Innovasea.

Innovasea has announced that it has successfully assisted Petros in obtaining government approval for a 3,000-ton offshore fish farm 8 kilometers off the southwest coast of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea.

Thus, the different procedures and studies of the area were carried out by Innovasea, resulting in the first fish farm in Aruba. A fish farm that would have 16 SeaStations at the end of its construction and would produce red snapper.

"Being able to rely on Innovasea's full-service capabilities enables our team to focus on implementing the bold vision of diversifying the Aruban economy and becoming the catalyst for an aquaculture revolution throughout the Caribbean region," said Gunnar Bracelly, Petros' founder and president.

The United States has a high demand for red snapper, which is sourced exclusively from the fishing industry. However, the supply of red snapper is limited and seasonal. For these reasons, the Aruba project holds potential benefits. Firstly, it could help Aruba diversify its sources of income. Secondly, it could enhance Aruba's food security profile by increasing local fish production. Lastly, it could enable Aruba to explore opportunities for exporting red snapper to the international market.

Details of the Aruba project

As one of Aruba's mainstays is tourism, the fish farming model will be inshore. Specifically, Innovasea's SeaStation, which due to its characteristics, can stay most of its time underwater.

Thus, the farm will be built in three phases, ensuring its capability to produce fish in a sustainable, safe, and renewable manner. The project aims to reach 9,000 tons of biomass while diversifying species and expanding into seaweed farming.

Langley Gace, Innovasea's senior vice president of business development, said that "this is an important project for the country and the region, and we are confident that our open ocean expertise and our proven egg-to-harvest approach to fish farming will help ensure its success."

About Innovasea

Innovasea is a pioneering company driven by advanced technology and a strong focus on research and development. Their mission is to revolutionize aquaculture and propel the science of fish tracking forward, ensuring sustainability for future generations. With a global workforce of more than 275 employees, Innovasea offers comprehensive solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research. Their range of services includes the provision of durable and efficient equipment, expert consulting services, and innovative platforms and products.

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