Bakkafrost adds hybrid well boat to the fleet

Bakkafossur, new hybrid well boat for Bakkafrost. Photo: Bakkafrost.
Bakkafossur, new hybrid well boat for Bakkafrost. Photo: Bakkafrost.

Bakkafrost recently celebrated the addition of the advanced 109-meter well boat Bakkafossur to its fleet. Constructed at the Sefine Shipyard in Turkey and completed in December 2022, the vessel is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features that support sustainable operations.

At the reception marking the arrival of Bakkafossur, Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen stated that the addition of the vessel represents a significant step towards offshore farming and sustainable operations in the Faroe Islands. The company aims to increase production output and supply sustainable ocean food to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the world's food system.

Bakkafossur is the newest well boat in the Bakkafrost fleet. Photo: Bakkafrost.

With a capacity of 1,000 tons of live salmon, Bakkafossur is equipped with five diesel-electric engines and large batteries that improve energy efficiency by about 20%. The engines are strategically placed on the top deck to allow for a quick switch to sustainable energy solutions when they become available. Additionally, the boat is equipped with reverse osmosis technology for desalination of water, which enables it to produce 6,000 tons of freshwater per day. This added capacity for freshwater treatment will help Bakkafrost maintain the health and growth of its salmon.

Bakkafossur is also equipped with an FLS sea-lice removal system to enhance biosecurity and further support the company's sustainability goals. In addition to its use in traditional farming, the vessel is also prepared for offshore operations.

"We need to see an increase in the supply of sustainable protein. Aquaculture and salmon farming in particular is regarded as one of the best solutions for sustainable food production when considering sustainability in the broadest sense. The Faroe Islands offer many opportunities – thus it is of vital importance that the will, skills, and regulations facilitate the utilization of these opportunities", Jacobsen also stated.

About Bakkafrost

Bakkafrost is a world-class company in the salmon industry, dedicated to providing high-quality, healthy and delicious salmon products to the global market. The company's focus is on creating value for customers, shareholders and society through a highly sustainable production process from feed to the final product, as well as prioritizing fish welfare and producing top-quality food. The company was recently ranked as one of the top Scandinavian companies in sustainability reporting from Position Green (formerly The Governance Group).

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