ScaleAQ acquires Skala Maskon

ScaleAQ acquires Skala Maskon

ScaleAQ opens the year with the acquisition of Skala Maskon, a Norwegian company specializing in automatic fish vaccination machines. The international company, based in Trondheim, has stated that with this strategic acquisition, they expand their value chain. In the statement announcing the purchase, ScaleAQ says that the objective of investing and expanding its product portfolio is to become "a total supplier and partner for the aquaculture industry of tomorrow". With similar drivers about sustainability and innovation, the company claims that they see "exciting opportunities" in building on the Maskon-team and their "excellent work".

Specialist in automatic vaccination

Maskon is a world market leader in the production and sale of fully automatic vaccination machines for fish and had a turnover of NOK 115 million in 2021. Established in 1991, the company provides key technology and solutions that all fish farmers depend on in an international market. ScaleAQ says in its release that with this acquisition it strengthens its commitment to become a global market leader in farming technology by complementing its existing value chain.

Geir Myklebust, CEO of ScaleAQ. Photo: ScaleAQ.

"This strategic and important acquisition unites two diverse and skilled professional environments within the aquaculture industry's supply industry. With the acquisition of Maskon, we strengthen our position as a total supplier of critical infrastructure for the industry. We will now be represented with the technology of the future throughout the entire value chain, from roe to slaughter", said Geir Myklebust, CEO of ScaleAQ.

Maskon will continue independent

Under ScaleAQ's ownership, Maskon will continue as an independent company, retaining its existing management and facilities in Stjørdal, Norway, where it has 36 employees with extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and automation. According to the announcement, this will allow them to maintain their track record in innovation and product development while benefiting from the advantages of being part of a global total supplier to the aquaculture industry.

This is also the view of Maskon CEO Jon Anders Leikvoll. "We look forward to becoming part of a larger, internationally leading technology and industrial company that supplies innovation, technology and equipment to aquaculture customers – along the entire Norwegian coast and globally", he said.

Finally, ScaleAQ insisted that the company sees this acquisition as a strategic investment that prepares them for further international growth. Something they consider especially important after the uncertainty installed in the Norwegian market following the proposed salmon tax.

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