Two industry veterans head ACT Capital's new Seafood Sector Advisory

Matt Latimer and Brad Bodenman, former American Seafoods executives, will lead the new practice specializing in strategic advisory with a particular focus on mergers and acquisitions.
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ACT Capital's Seafood Sector Advisory aims to serve seafood producers, processors, and distributors with specialized strategic advice and transactional expertise.

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm ACT Capital Advisors announced the launch of its Seafood Sector Advisory. The practice will focus on providing advisory services related to capital formation, strategic partnerships and joint ventures, debt financing, restructurings, and, of course, mergers and acquisitions.

ACT Capital's Seafood Sector Advisory is led by two industry veterans, Matthew (Matt) Latimer and Brad Bodenman, former Chief Legal Officer and Chief Financial Officer, respectively, of American Seafoods Group, the largest offshore harvester and processor of wild-caught whitefish and a major secondary processor of whitefish, scallop, and catfish.

Specialized strategic advice and transaction expertise

Designed to serve seafood producers, processors, and distributors around the world with specialized strategic advice and transaction expertise, the new practice is part of ACT's Seafood and Agribusiness industry group, which supports food producers and processors along the value chain of growing, harvesting, processing, and distribution.

"From small harvesting and processing operations to multi-national producers with sophisticated logistics and distribution networks, ACT Capital knows the issues and players along every point of the Seafood value chain," noted the M&A advisory firm.

It is precisely their knowledge of the sector's issues and players that has led ATC Capital to place two industry veterans at the helm of the initiative. Of them, the firm highlighted their "broad financial and strategic networks and a recognized track record across a global footprint."

Matt Latimer & Brad Bodenman

Matt Latimer, former Chief Legal Officer of American Seafoods Group, and Brad Bodenman, former Chief Financial Officer of the same company, have decades of experience in seafood harvesting, processing, and aquaculture. The former is a seasoned business executive and corporate lawyer with more than 25 years of experience advising companies on complex corporate transactions. The latter has been a CFO, board member or trusted advisor to multiple companies for over thirty-five years.

"I am thrilled that Matt and Brad are leading this exciting initiative to serve the seafood industry," stated Bob Hild, ACT’s CEO commenting on the launch of the firm's new Seafood Sector Advisory. "Seafood is growing in importance as food security and sustainability become paramount. Industry leaders deserve sophisticated advisors that understand the dynamic environments in which they operate."

Matt Latimer also spoke in the same vein. "The global seafood market is a critical component of our economy," he said. "We bring our deep understanding of the industry’s complex commercial, regulatory, and financial environments to help them sustainably feed the world."

His partner at the head of the practice, Brad Bodenman, also insisted on the idea. "We believe seafood companies benefit from high-quality strategic and financial advisory services," he claimed. "As a former seafood CFO, I understand the keys to financing and growing a successful seafood business by partnering with the right strategic and financial players."

About ACT Capital Advisors

ACT Capital Advisors is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm representing middle-market companies across all industries. It has a 30-year history of deal-making, closing over 250 transactions and unlocking over USD 2.0 billion (EUR 1.85 billion) in wealth for its clients.

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