Nova Sea chooses Nordkontakt as technology supplier for the Lovund salmon facility

The two companies have signed an agreement for the automation of the new Lovund salmon slaughterhouse, which will be operational in the spring of 2026.
Tom Eirik Aasjord, CEO of Nova Sea (left), and Tom Erlend Kristiansen, CEO of Nordkontakt (right), at the signing of the agreement between the two companies.
Tom Eirik Aasjord, CEO of Nova Sea (left), and Tom Erlend Kristiansen, CEO of Nordkontakt (right), at the signing of the agreement between the two companies. Photo: Nova Sea.

Nordkontakt has been chosen by Nova Sea for the automation of its new salmon facility in Lovund. The technology supplier will deliver a complete factory management software system, including processing facilities, support systems, building automation, maintenance systems and other administrative systems.

If, as we learned at the end of October, Baader is their machinery supplier with local automation systems on the machines, Nordkontakt will be responsible for the overhead automation system, SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) with data from Baader and other suppliers and systems at the slaughterhouse that Nova Sea is building in Lovund.

A project committed to local development

The project manager for the new slaughterhouse, Espen Gleinsvåg, was pleased with the choice of what he said is the most competent supplier in this field. "Nordkontakt is a skilled player that has built technology and knowledge over many years. They have good references, and we expect a strong delivery on the assignment," he claimed.

Nova Sea announced that it was resuming the Lovund slaughterhouse project in September. A year earlier, in the fall of 2022, it had been put on hold following the Norwegian government's announcement of a new 40% ground rent tax, but once the salmon tax was set at 25%, the farming company went ahead with its plans.

In addition to keeping the company up with industry's developments, the new slaughterhouse will also contribute to creating between 10 and 40 new jobs on the small island off the coast of Helgeland in the municipality of Lurøy. The project is expected to have a ripple effect beyond the municipal boundaries and reach the entire region.

"We at Nova Sea are very committed to developing our local area," said CEO Tom Eirik Aasjord. "Our values come from running a company in Helgeland, and thus, we want a portion of our contracts to go to businesses that belong to the north. We are very pleased that we can now sign a major contract with Nordkontakt here in Bodø."

A focus on fish health, energy optimization, maintenance, and operating costs

Headquartered in Bodø, as mentioned, Nordkontakt specializes in automation, digitalization, and information technology. "As a local engineering company here in Bodø, this is an important contract and assignment for us. This agreement will develop our skilled engineers and solidify our position as a leading supplier to the Norwegian seafood sector," stated Tom Erlend Kristiansen, CEO of Nordkontakt.

"This factory is designed to process 200 salmon per minute, placing significant demands on our systems. In addition, we will focus on fish health, energy optimization, maintenance, and operating costs to ensure the best possible operation," Kristiansen concluded.

The now-agreed delivery also includes the engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of the factory, as well as a specific post-commissioning operational and safety agreement. Nordkontakt's work has already begun and will continue until the entire facility is completed in the spring of 2026.

Groundbreaking for Nova Sea's new slaughterhouse in Lovund - it already has one in operation at this location - is scheduled for April 2024. The facility is expected to receive its first salmon in 2026. Its capacity will be 100,000 tons of salmon per year. The investment in this project has an estimated total framework of just over NOK 2 billion (EUR 173.95 million / USD 186.59 million), the largest ever made in the municipality of Lurøy.

About Nova Sea & Nordkontakt

Nova Sea AS is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in Northern Norway, with its headquarters on Lovund in Lurøy. It has 25 facilities along the entire Helgeland coast. The company's slaughterhouse is located on Lovund, and it has ownership interests throughout the value chain of farmed salmon.

Nordkontakt AS is an engineering company based in Bodø, specializing in automation, digitization, and information technology. A leading player in automation solutions for the seafood sector, it delivers products and services at all levels of the process, from simple components to fully operational facilities.

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