Salmon Evolution reports successful Q4 harvest

A Salmon Evolution's fish. Photo: Salmon Evolution.
A Salmon Evolution's fish. Photo: Salmon Evolution.

Salmon Evolution today released its Q4 2022 operational update in which the company reports that the first batch of its harvest completed in early November was a success. The batch yielded approximately 340 tonnes of HOG (live weight), with an average weight of around 3.75 kg HOG (4.5 kg live weight).

The harvest took place over the course of a month, in three rounds, and the production cycle for this batch took approximately seven to eight months. The quality of the product was exceptional, with a superior share of 96% for the batch as a whole.

The average price realized for this batch was NOK 75/kg for HOG and NOK 78/kg for Superior 3+ kg HOG.

In addition, the production ramp-up at Indre Harøy continued in December, with all-time high biomass production of more than 175 tonnes.

As of December 31, the second batch had reached an average weight of 1.85 kg, and was divided into two fish groups after being successfully graded for size in November with minimal mortality. The second batch is on track for harvest during the second quarter of 2023.

In early December, the company also completed its fourth smolt release, consisting of 265,000 smolt with an average weight of around 260 grams. Going forward, the company plans to have "full size" batches stocked every other month, with the next batch scheduled for February.

About Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution is a Norwegian company that raises salmon on land using a hybrid flow-through system technology. They aim to produce 100,000 tonnes of HOG (live weight) by 2032.

The company's approach allows them to control the growth conditions of their fish and minimize operational and biological risks, leading to a sustainable and high-quality production process. So explained Trond Håkon Schaug-Pettersen, interim CEO of Salmon Evolution, to WeAreAquaculture in an exclusive interview after the company's first harvest.

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