Purecod will have a state-of-the-art sludge dewatering facility in Røneset after their deal with Blue Ocean Technology

    Following the deal signed today, Purecod will have a Plug & Farm® containerized sludge and water treatment facility delivered and installed by Blue Ocean Technology. The fully integrated state-of-the-art installation includes Blue Ocean Technology’s core dewatering solutions Belt filter and a Screw press. The container will be installed in a feed barge at Røneset, Norway, where Purecod will start farming operations in the second half of the year.

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    Pioneers in cod farming

    The agreement signed today is a further step towards Purecod, the world’s first sea-based closed-cage cod farming company, achieving its goal of reusing waste as a valuable by-product. And if Purecod is a pioneering company, so is its partner in this agreement, Blue Ocean Technology, which has also expressed its satisfaction with the deal for delivering its Plug & Farm® containerized facility.

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    Blue Ocean Technology Plug & Farm® containerized sludge and water treatment facility for Purecod. Photo: Blue Ocean Technology & Purecod.
    Blue Ocean Technology Plug & Farm® containerized sludge and water treatment facility for Purecod. Photo: Blue Ocean Technology & Purecod.

    “This is a pioneering facility in closed-cages aquaculture at sea, with full control of all discharges and the entire value chain. This is a paradigm shift in cod farming. For the first time ever, sludge from cod farming can be utilized as a resource”, said Hans Runshaug, CEO of Blue Ocean Technology. But the novelties do not end there, “for the first time, we are delivering a plant for full integration in a feed barge. We are very enthusiastic about this contract”, he added.

    Commitment to sustainability

    The facility will be delivered and installed at Røneset (Møre and Romsdal county, Western Norway), where Purecod will start farming operations in closed pens developed and delivered by Purecod’s sister company, Closedpen AS, in the second half of the year. Designed for low environmental footprint, the plant is focused on energy-efficient solutions and downstream solutions. With this Purecod takes a further step in its commitment to raise cod in the sea naturally and sustainably and with minimal impact on the environment.

    “Sludge collection and repurposing is one of the most important advantages of closed pen fish farming, and having the right equipment is a critical element for success”, said Mikael Rønes. Purecod’s CEO has also expressed his satisfaction with the agreement. “Blue Ocean Technology offers a solution that perfectly fits the needs of our operation, and will allow us to remove and dewater sludge efficiently and with low energy consumption”, he claimed. 

    A hand showing the sludge. Photo: Blue Ocean Technology & Purecod.
    A hand showing the sludge. Photo: Blue Ocean Technology & Purecod.

    About Purecod & Blue Ocean Technology

    Founded in 2020 with the purpose of farming cod in closed cages, Purecod AS permit is equivalent to an annualized production capacity of 5,000 tons per year. Fully owned by Blue Future AS, a privately owned firm with several strategic shareholders, of which Global AS and Amar Group AS are the largest, the company will continue to consider different strategic and long-term partners who share the company’s vision.

    Blue Ocean Technology AS was founded in 2012 in response to the need – and opportunity – to produce more compact and efficient sludge cleaning plants, and with significantly lower energy consumption than then available on the market. Blue Ocean’s systems are marketed under the Plug & Farm® and Bluehouse systems® trademarks and are designed specifically for the aquaculture sector, for the development of sustainable farming in closed onshore and offshore facilities. The venture fund Momentum with profiled partners entered the company this year as substantial owners.

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