Skretting charts a vessel to streamline delivery services and increase its commitment  to Australia and New Zealand aquaculture

Skretting charts a vessel to streamline delivery services and increase its commitment  to Australia and New Zealand aquaculture

Nutreco's aquaculture division, Skretting, has announced the charter of the vessel 'Eigsvaag Omega', for "streamlining the delivery services to the Australian and New Zealand Aquaculture industries". In its announcement, the company assures that it is a continuation of its long-term commitment to the aquaculture industries in both countries. The vessel, on voyage from Norway since mid-April a, arrived in Hobart last week.

Long-term commitment

"The charter of this vessel is the next step in Skretting Australia's commitment to the greater Australian and New Zealand Aquaculture industries", the company states. Managed by Australian builder and operator Southern Ocean Solutions, the 'Eigsvaag Omega' will connect Skretting Australia's extrusion facilities in Tasmania transporting aquafeed directly to its clients in the North Queensland region and New Zealand, thus streamlining delivery services.

Skretting feed plant in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia). Photo: Skretting/John Doe.

The vessel adds to the steps taken by Skretting Australia in the last year by expanding its manufacturing capacity with the acquisition of the Westbury extrusion mill, as well as opening administrative offices in Proserpine in far North Queensland and Invercargill in Southern New Zealand. According to the company, these offices, which house industry experts in aquaculture feed services, allow it to "collaborate directly with customers to provide value-added local services".

Sustainable growth

As said, the role of the 'Eigsvaag Omega' will be to transport the value created in the Tasman region directly to remote communities in Australia and New Zealand. A direct service that, according to Skretting, "will support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry, through efficiency and stability, by ensuring the safe and economically secure transport of aquafeed".

Skretting Australia's objective with the logistics service provided by this vessel is to remain at the forefront of the aquaculture feed industry in the region. The company's ultimate goal is to not only produce the highest quality farm-focused feed solutions but also to offer value-added services that benefit the aquaculture industry in general.

About Skretting Australia

Based in Cambridge, Tasmania, Skretting Australia's head office has over 20 years of experience in delivering to the Australian and New Zealand aquaculture industries. Skretting is the aquaculture division of Nutreco and the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions and services for the aquaculture industry. The company has production facilities in 19 countries on 5 continents and manufactures and delivers feeds for more than 60 species. The total annual production volume of feed is more than 2 million tonnes.

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