Noray to transform the shrimp industry to sustainability

Benjamin Ajo, Noray's new CEO, confirms that his predecessor, Bjørn Aspheim, will continue to support the company in this task of achieving a more sustainable shrimp industry.
Noray's mission is to drive the transformation of the shrimp industry to sustainably. Photo: Noray Seafood.
Noray's mission is to drive the transformation of the shrimp industry to sustainably. Photo: Noray Seafood.

Yesterday we learned about the appointment of Benjamin Ajo as the new CEO of Noray Seafood. "I am convinced that Noray is going to change the rules of the game in shrimp production," he said at the announcement of his appointment. Today, speaking exclusively to WeAreAquaculture, he gives more details about his intentions at the helm of the company. "Our mission is to drive the transformation of the shrimp industry to sustainability," he tells us.

More product availability and consumer awareness

In the note released yesterday, Noray remarked that its new CEO arrives to continue the company's expansion objectives and successfully meet strong market demand at a time that the company described as one of "change and reflection." The land-based shrimp producer is experiencing very positive growth in a market that is increasingly demanding sustainable alternatives to shrimp farming.

So, when we ask the new CEO what other goals he has set for himself in his new position beyond expanding the company from its facilities in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain, Benjamin Ajo says: "Our mission is to drive the transformation of the shrimp industry to sustainability."

"This is done by increasing the availability of our products and make consumers aware of the impact they can contribute while enjoying superior shrimps," he tells WeAreAquaculture about what the fresh and sustainable shrimp brand's strategy will be to achieve it.

Benjamin Ajo is Noray Seafood's new CEO. Photo: Noray Seafood.

He will have the support of his predecessor

As mentioned, Benjamin Ajo takes over at the helm of Noray from one of the company's co-founders, Bjørn Aspheim. However, the former CEO will not be going far. "Bjørn will serve as an advisor and support the management in continuing building his life work," Ajo confirms to WeAreAquaculture.

"It is an honour to take over from a co-founder who continues to support the project and has been active in my recruitment, driving the change," he tells us about the challenge of continuing the work of someone who has been a revolutionary in the sustainable aquaculture sector and has managed to transform and position a new product category.

"We cooperate very well, have common goals, and share the agenda for the work ahead," Benjamin Ajo adds. As he emphasized in his remarks yesterday, to drive its strategy for sustainability and quality, he also has the team built up by its predecessor, state-of-the-art facilities, and the solid backing of long-term investors.

Bjørn Aspheim, co-founder & former CEO of Noray Seafood at the Seafood Expo Global 2023 in Barcelona. Photo: WeAreAquaculture.

About Noray Seafood

Founded in 2008, Noray is a benchmark of sustainable aquaculture in Europe thanks to the 100% vertical integration of all its production processes achieved after years of investment in R&D. The shrimp brand from Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain, offers a 100% natural shrimp, respectful of its environment, and is the first inland shrimp farming company in the world to obtain ASC certification. In addition to a group of Norwegian investors, since 2022 it also counts among its partners SWEN Blue Ocean, Stellar Impact, and Creadev Food & Ag.

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