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AquaDetector is the project that has been developed by Maltese SME AquaBioTech Group, China Agricultural University National Innovation Center for Digital Fishery, and Chinese company Mingbo Aquatic Co. Ltd, to improve digitalization.

Digitalization for the aquaculture industry is closer today than it was yesterday. Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the food industry. Especially, because it provides valuable food while supporting the conservation of marine resources. Thus, the potential for further development is huge.

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As it is known, China is the largest aquaculture producer worldwide, not only in volume but also in value. This makes both natural partners for supporting Maltese innovation in this sector.

The main objectives of the digitalization project were to enhance the aquaculture industry for better farm management, higher animal welfare, and production growth. This innovative technology helps to reduce risk factors in the fishing and aquaculture industry. For instance, climate change concerns, global pandemics, and emerging conflicts that may affect fish and seafood production and supply chains.

As claims AquaDetect, these collaborative projects not only enhance the Maltese aquaculture industry, but also valuable socio-economic plans, “enabling economic diversification, and employment opportunities, and increases potential export earnings.”

Many renowned people met in late February at AquaBioTech Group’s research and innovation facilities to celebrate the success. Some of the names of the guests in the closure ceremony were Dr. Tonio Portughese, Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, or Ms. Wang Xi Attaché of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malta.

AquaDetector project. Photo by: AquaBioTech

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