Case study: How Tony (62) got a job as a Hatchery Manager through AquacultureTalent

Case study: How Tony (62) got a job as a Hatchery Manager through AquacultureTalent

Getting a new job is not always easy when you reach a certain age, and for companies, it is not always easy to find people with the right experience and qualifications. Within aquaculture, this may be more frequent than in other industries. Since the tremendous growth, in recent years makes it even more difficult to find the right talent with the right expertise and experience.

This challenge is exactly what AquacultureTalent want to address with its unique understanding of aquaculture and its fast-growing industry. They have worked out a field of expertise within the industry and consists of skilled recruiters, which are there to help you as a customer and candidate. It is not only within the Norwegian aquaculture industry they are in great competence but also internationally.

It is a fact that people who have reached the age of 60 will have problems getting a new job. Although these are people who have long experience and lots of remaining workability / capacity. Not all employers dare to hire people at this age. But with good knowledge of the industry and its customers, AquacultureTalent helped Tony (62) into a leading position in aquaculture, and here is the story.

The Client: Industrias Martec, S.A.

Industrias Martec is a relatively young company in aquaculture, but in just 9 years they have become one of the largest fisheries in Costa Rica. One of the main operations of the company is farming of Spotted Rose Snappers in cages at sea. The company were searching for a candidate with long experience and ambition in the industry who could take on the role of Hatchery Manager.

They wanted a candidate who had extensive experience in hatchery, and through his job helping to raise the production of Spotted Rose Snappers to a commercial level. The hatchery of Industrias Martec is located in beautiful surroundings in a relatively remote area on the Pacific coast, Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

Thus, it was important for them to find a candidate who was not unfamiliar with working internationally and preferably in remote areas and not at least speaking fluent Spanish.

Tony got the position of
Hatchery Manager
through AquacultureTalent

Talent: The candidate (62) who received a management position

AquacultureTalent has extensive experience in recruiting management positions within aquaculture and therefore sits on a large talent pool. They actively use it to hire the right talents for their customers.

In AquacultureTalent's choice, was Tony (62). A marine biologist with broad experience in fish farming in Spain and several countries. Tony is a vigorous 62-year-old man who felt he had more to offer within the aquaculture industry and had therefore registered at AquacultureTalent.

About Tony: "I graduated more than 30 years ago and since then I have worked with marine broodstock, live food, larvae and fruit on an industrial level. Throughout my 30 years in the industry, I have been involved in a rapid development within the technical field and not least the enormous growth industry has experienced. "I see that the industry still needs a whole development on the technical front, but I have recently been interested in the production and administration of employees. I have worked a lot with the three standard European species in my sector: bream, sea bass and turbot. In addition, I have worked with the more local species such as halibut, summer flounder, black pricked bream and lyric. I have mostly lived and worked in Spain all my adult life, and I recently applied for Spanish citizenship. During my career, I have visited many hatcheries around the world and have the honour of working with production teams in several of these countries. "

Today, Tony is responsiblefor all daily operations in the hatchery of Industrias Martec. Where he alsooverlooks and manages a team of more than 30 employees. He has severalresponsibility areas such as broodstock, live feed, farming of larvae andhabitat breeding. In addition to all this, he is responsible for the transportdepartment and the training of the employees.

This is a job Tony is very pleased to possess and for that reason we have asked some quick questions about the hiring process.

What was the reason why you chose AquacultureTalent?

The reason why I just chose AquaculureTalent is that they are specialists in aquaculture, and there are few other recruitment companies that are.

How did you experience the recruitment process?

I experienced it as very positive.

Why is it an advantage that AquacultureTalent is a niche agency?

There is a clear advantage that they know the industry and with it know how you can succeed.

How do you like your new job?

I like my new job very well, and I hope I can stay here until I retire.

Would you recommend AquacultureTalent to others?

Yes, I would easily recommend them to others. They are a serious and professional business who works purposefully to match candidates with job opportunities.

Wouldyou use AquacultureTalent again?

Yes, if I had to look for a new job. But I hope I don't have to! Says Tony with a smile on his mouth.

Could you list three reasons why others should use AquacultureTalent?

  • You will receive a professional evaluation
  • You will be told the truth about the employer
  • If you are the right candidate, you will be closely monitored throughout the selection, including contract negotiations and job start-up.

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