Elin Risvik appointed CTO of Aqua Robotics

The new CTO promises creativity and pragmatism to improve the HALO cleaning robot, while the company says she "will lift Norwegian farming technology."
Aqua Robotics' new CTO Elin Risvik poses with a HALO robot. Photo: Aqua Robotics.
Aqua Robotics' new CTO Elin Risvik poses with a HALO robot. Photo: Aqua Robotics.

Although the appointment was announced today, Elin Risvik has been Aqua Robotics' new Chief Technology Officer since September 1. A trained aircraft mechanic, Risvik has worked in both aviation and technology development. Among other things, in the development of a drone from idea to international commercialization. "Newly appointed CTO will lift Norwegian farming technology," the company said of her.

HALO is just at the beginning

"Aqua Robotics is now ready to scale up the production and commercialization of the robot-controlled drain cleaning system HALO," said the new CTO about the company's net cleaner, the world's first fully automatic robotic net cleaning system. "This means that we have to be robust and have full control over the routines, without it killing creativity," she added.

"Although the HALO system is in practice the only solution that ensures that the farm record is always clean, the solution also has significant expansion potential in relation to other functions such as inspection and reporting. Here we are just at the beginning," she continued.

"Our equipment will operate in the splash zone in salt water, one of the most inhospitable environments for technology anywhere. It requires the technology to be practical and rock-solid," Elin Risvik concluded.

A turning point for Aqua Robotics

Developed, produced and assembled in Jæren, HALO is a purely Norwegian product, a permanently installed system that ensures continuous cleaning of the farm bill. Aqua Robotics' goal is that its net cleaning system will follow its robotic predecessors in Norway and worldwide to contribute to improved fish welfare, more sustainable food production, reduced energy consumption and a cleaner environment.

In fact, the company is at a turning point in its development after recently signing a three-year commitment with Mowi. The two companies will collaborate on the development of HALO, which will be implemented in all of the Norwegian salmon giant's facilities. According to Kjetil Njærheim, CEO of Aqua Robotics, this will ensure "an effective learning curve through development."

In connection with this expansion of the company, Njærheim himself remarked on the appointment announced today that "Elin Risvik is a strategically important reinforcement of our team, a team that will grow a lot in the future."

About Aqua Robotics

Established in 2016 by the Molaug family, a well-known Norwegian family and also the founders of the Akva Group, the idea behind Aqua Robotics is to rethink how the aquaculture industry can keep their farm clean without the use of high pressures and copper coatings. Thus, out of her deep knowledge of the farming industry and her passion for technology, the company and the HALO system were formed. Located at Nordlysvegen, in Bryne, several of Norway's most advanced mechanical companies are located nearby and some of these are their suppliers.

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