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Codfarming is still a young industry with only a handful of companies currently in operation, with a new player Gadus Group has now demonstrated strong biological results, sufficient to industrialize cod farming at economically viable levels.

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After 17 months in the sea, the fish had an average harvest weight of just under 5 kg,
with survival above 96%. The Feed Conversion Ratio is below 1.0 throughout the production
cycle and there has been no early maturation, “We track these key performance indicators
diligently and continuously throughout our entire value chain, and they tell us in a brutally
honest way if we are a good cod farmer or not” says Seim.

November 2022 marked an important milestone for Norwegian-based Gadus Group,
with the launch of commercial deliveries. This is in line with the Group’s 2025
master plan to reach more than 30 000 tons of annual sales volumes.

Exceptional quality
The company is overwhelmed by the positive feedback received from customers and excited
about developing the offering and market for its cod products. Gadus Group is the world’s
largest cod farmer, with more than 80 highly competent employees and 7 sites in operation
along the Norwegian coastline.

About Gadus Group

Gadus group is a fully integrated seafood company built on sustainable principles. With a passion for aquaculture, we deliver farmed cod of the highest quality every day, all year round. Established in 2020 with 80 employees with an annual production target of 34 000 tons in 2025.

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