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Peruvian exports for direct human consumption could reach 4,000 million by 2023, according to projections. A year that starts with a positive projection with a volume of fish catches that recorded an increase of more than 88%; over 280 thousand tons. In addition, at the beginning of January, Peru approved Law No. 31666 for the Promotion and Strengthening of Aquaculture, which is expected to continue increasing the numbers.

The data offered by the president of the Fishing and Aquaculture Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI), Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre, who presented this perspective for 2023.

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According to preliminary numbers, fishery exports for direct human consumption in 2022 would have totaled US$1.6 billion. Among the main species are pota, jack mackerel, mackerel, and anchoveta, which had a positive impact on exports for frozen (+228.2 %), canned (+65.4 %), and raw consumption (+9.4 %).

However, the particularly outstanding species continues to be the giant squid or pota, which represents 40%, close to 700 million dollars. One of the largest generators of employment in the country as Miranda Eyzaguirre stated.

The 700 million giant squid

This giant squid, also known as pota (Dosidicus gigas), can reach up to 3 meters and 50 kilos (110 pounds) of weight. It is one of the main species of the southeastern Pacific Ocean and is highly demanded in the market, especially in China.

Besides, in these first months of the year 2023, the fishing of this species has been regulated and controlled by illegal fishing. Specifically, against Chinese vessels in the 200 miles of Peruvian waters, to avoid unfair trade in the capture and export of this species.

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Ley Nº 31666 de Promoción y Fortalecimiento de la Acuicultura (Promotion and Strengthening of Aquaculture)

Miranda Eyzaguirre pointed out that regulations such as Law No. 31666, for the Promotion and Strengthening of Aquaculture, recently approved, will contribute to the growth of the fishing export sector for direct human consumption.

This law, finally approved at the beginning of 2023, is still working on several projects to be implemented in Peruvian lands and waters.

The country proposes this measure as one of the solutions to eradicate child malnutrition in the country because although fishing results have improved, more is still needed.

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