Biden unveils USA Ocean Climate Action Plan, including “climate-ready” fisheries and aquaculture

    Launched by President Biden in March, the plan aims to protect coastal communities and enhance the resilience of fisheries, aquaculture, and fishing communities who are dependent on the ocean.

    Anolytech and Redox team up for biosecure aquaculture and fisheries

    “This strategic cooperation agreement underlines our continuous efforts to offer the fishery and aquaculture industries the best possible solutions for improved biosecurity and fish welfare” said Bergman.

    Last call for the Scottish to apply to the “wild fisheries fund”

    Fishing groups have until March 31 to submit applications to the "wild fisheries fund". The purpose of the program is to help save Scotland's wild salmon.

    SWEN Capital Partners’ Blue Ocean Fund closes at €170 million

    The impact fund invests directly in unlisted, innovative start-ups working to support ocean health regeneration.

    Nova Austral in a stormy period

    Nova Austral is in a turbulent stage. The company controlled by Altor is on everyone's lips and not exactly for good news. On the one hand, the company is still managing the issue of the step back of the joint venture with Salmones Austral. On the other hand, the demand of Greenpeace.

    PoultryTechBangladesh: the Dutch-Bangladeshi MoU to improve aquaculture

    A Dutch-Bangladeshi consortium and the Ministry of Fisheries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a framework for technology exchange and collaborative business in aquaculture: FoodTech Bangladesh.

    Jamaica advances in aquaculture development

    Jamaica's aquaculture sector is set for a 180-degree turnaround with the construction of a tilapia hatchery in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine. The construction will be financed by the World Bank through the Climate Initiative Fund. The facility, which is biosecure and climate resilient, is designed to farm fish in ecologically sustainable conditions and at an international scale. The objetive is produced five million advanced fries per year, using a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership celebrates five years of leading

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) marks five years of leading this month after several years of progress in environmental responsibility.

    Farming Connect program to support Welsh farmers counts with £22,9m budget

    The Farming Connect Program is a part of the Sustainable Farming Scheme agenda of the minister of Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths. He will attempt to support the Welsh farmers for the following years with a £22.9m Budget to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

    Aquaculture boosted Scotland’s economy by £3.3 billion, figures show

    Salmon Scotland says fish farming "generates vital wealth for the country and specifically for our islands and Highland coastal communities."

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