North Sea cod quota to be reduced by 13% in 2024

    The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has reported that there will be a new quota council for North Sea cod.

    Dongwon explores Starkist stock market debut to back a significant acquisition move

    The Dongwon Group, the owner of the American tuna company StarKist, is reportedly taking financial steps to acquire a transport company.

    Will the Icelandic government clamp down on aquaculture?

    Fiskistofa proposes drastic measures to prevent farmed salmon from mixing with wild salmon in rivers.

    BC anti-salmon farming activists slip on the peer-review process

    So says the BC Salmon Farmers Association, which states that long-term independent data show salmon farms are not a major determinant of sea lice levels in wild juvenile salmon.

    Police investigation opened in Iceland into Arctic Fish escape

    Requested by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, if the charges turn out to be serious, fines and even prison sentences could be requested for those responsible for Arctic Fish according to the Fish Farming Law.

    Royal Greenland feels the pressure with $16m loss in first half of 2023

    CEO Susanne Arfelt Rajamand notes Royal Greenland is impacted by "volatile environment", but despite market challenges, she predicts better results in second half of 2023.

    TalentView: Rune Mikalsen, Kvaroy Arctic

    Rune Mikalsen, CEO of Kvarøy Arctic, talks about his new role in Boston, and his aims and priorities for Kvarøy in the U.S. market.

    Atlantic Sapphire raises $65m in bid to get “back on track”

    The Florida land-based salmon farming giant has been beleaguered by setbacks during 2023, hopes share offering will enable breakeven in 2024.

    Cooke seeks to expand its operations in Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board will decide on Cooke's applications for two new licenses in Liverpool Bay next February.

    First commercial Atlantic salmon farming facility built in Japan completed

    Following the completion of the construction work, Proximar has today taken ownership of the entire land-based salmon farming facility in Oyama, Japan.

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