European Union and Norway to safeguard western Baltic herring stocks

    The agreement, as explained by the EU, "will significantly limit herring catches". The areas affected are in order “to protect the herring stock in the western Baltic".

    “Blue carbon” habitats protected in UK fishing ban in key marine areas

    The protected sites include "blue carbon" habitats, and feeding and nursery grounds for species such as cod and herring.

    “Vicious cycle cost us dearly”: Iceland Seafood reports €9.9m loss in 2022

    Unprecedented cost increases and high volatility severely impacted Iceland Seafood’s operation in 2022.

    Leroy Seafood profits drop in 2022

    Leroy Seafood Group (LSG) today announced its fourth-quarterly results, posting record revenues of NOK 26.6 billion in 2022. The...

    Norcod warns of financial impact of accelerated cod harvest

    Norwegian farmed cod producer Norcod warns of impacts to its production and earnings following the compulsory accelerated harvest of...

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