TalentView: Elena Petukhovskaya, Big Akwa 

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to Big Akwa CEO Elena Petukhovskaya about her professional biography, and her vision for land-based aquaculture in symbiosis with other industries.

    Female Founder: Carolin Ackerman, SEAWATER Cubes

    Our latest Female Founder is Carolin Ackerman of SEAWATER Cubes, a RAS container farm manufacturer from Saarbrücken in Germany. In this interview, Carolin tells us about her inspiration as CEO, and her vision for the future of land-based aquaculture.

    FRD Japan to build commercial land-based rainbow trout aquaculture plant in Chiba

    FRD Japan has decided to build a commercial Closed-RAS land-based trout farming facility in Chiba, Japan.

    Chile reduced the use of antibiotics in salmon farming in 2022

    The latest Sernapesca report shows a 31.9% decrease in antimicrobial use. The average monthly mortality percentage has also decreased.

    Finland’s fish production hits 25-year high

    Finland recorded its largest fish production volume since the end of the 1990s, despite its number of fish farmers declining by almost half.

    Omani giants invest in Blue Aqua Singapore to boost intensive aqua farming sector

    Bahwan Services and Muscat Investment, two leading Omani companies, have announced a substantial investment in Blue Aqua Singapore, a subsidiary of Blue Aqua International.

    SanLei obtains pioneering achievements in aquaculture for the country and the continent

    SanLei, a Mosotho company specializing in trout production, has obtained the prestigious Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification.

    EU study says farmed fish welfare needs a rethink

    The EU needs to impose specific requirements for farmed fish welfare - and different species have different needs, say researchers.

    Henrik Fang Luo is the deputy general manager of China’s largest trout producer

    Henrik Fang Luo has become deputy general manager of Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture, China's largest trout producer.

    The “salmon tax” in Norway will be 25%

    The Norwegian Parliament has finally reached an agreement to impose a resource rent of 25% tax on aquaculture, the so-called "salmon tax."

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