The “salmon tax” proposal in detail

    This morning the Norwegian government will present a proposal for a resource rent tax on aquaculture (known as the “salmon tax”). This plan imposes...

    European Union and Norway to safeguard western Baltic herring stocks

    The agreement, as explained by the EU, "will significantly limit herring catches". The areas affected are in order “to protect the herring stock in the western Baltic".

    Washington fish farm workers united against the Hilary Franz ban

    Hilary Franz, the Commissioner of Public Lands, made the "unilateral and unscientific" decision in November 2022 to ban aquaculture in state waters that Washington fish farm workers are now complaining about.

    The U.S. crab swindler of Arctic Seafood

    According to U.S. federal government court documents, a Florida man posed as a Safeway buyer -grocery store employee- and defrauded Arctic Seafood of approximately US$432,000 (€410,000).

    Nova Austral in a stormy period

    Nova Austral is in a turbulent stage. The company controlled by Altor is on everyone's lips and not exactly for good news. On the one hand, the company is still managing the issue of the step back of the joint venture with Salmones Austral. On the other hand, the demand of Greenpeace.

    PoultryTechBangladesh: the Dutch-Bangladeshi MoU to improve aquaculture

    A Dutch-Bangladeshi consortium and the Ministry of Fisheries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a framework for technology exchange and collaborative business in aquaculture: FoodTech Bangladesh.

    Skjæran, the Norwegian Fisheries Minister, wants sustainable and fish-awareness industry

    According to Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran, Norway’s seafood industry has been a record export in 2022 but must incorporate technology, new methods, and species to maintain and reach new markets.

    ISA virus outbreak in AquaChile confirmed

    A few weeks ago, precautions had been taken due to suspicions of ISAv in AquaChile. Last Thursday, Sernapesca confirmed that it was declared "Center in Outbreak" and protocols were being followed to ensure the control of the virus.

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership celebrates five years of leading

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) marks five years of leading this month after several years of progress in environmental responsibility.

    RE:OCEAN and Natsu Foods aligned on sustainable salmon for sushi

    The Swedish salmon farm RE:OCEAN and the sushi provider Natsu Foods have signed an agreement to serve the fresh sustainable salmon of RE:OCEAN in the German retailer sushi market.

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