TalentView: Tom Harrison

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    I have been doing these TalentView for a little over a year now and I have enjoyed it immensely. The opportunity it has given me to get into all these people’s stories. Being able to share with you is something I really enjoy. I recently got the opportunity to interview Tom Harrison. He is UK Native but has lived for a great part of his 26-years of his life in Australia. Tom went to James Cook University for his bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture Technology and Marine Biology. And I have to admit it, even though all my talks with each of the people I’ve interviewed in the past have been fun, taught me a lot, and become a memorable part of my path through aquaculture. Tom’s interview was one of the ones I enjoyed the most.

    Sharing these lines with you has been a thorough job. Our call was long and valuable, and to quote him: “I kind of jump back and forth a lot. You’re going to have an absolute headache at writing this”. And in a way it was. Because there was just so much information I kind of just wanted to put everything in the article. But that is not possible. So let me start with the beginning.

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