TalentView: Erik Tveteraas

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    “You are the Norwegian here, Norway is a huge seafood nation, you have to manage this”. With those words, Erik Tveteraas’ aquaculture career began. Being “the Norwegian” was a great asset, having a certain personal interest in the subject and a family from Stavanger, in the region of Rogaland (a place with a great tradition in seafood), helped what started by chance end up in a daily relationship with aquaculture in his current position as Investment Director at Nutreco.

    For him, it has been like a funnel where he started as an analyst who knew very little about aquaculture at the beginning and, step by step, has been learning until he got to where he is today. For us, the keyword is ‘interest’. That “personal interest” that he had at the beginning and that today, has reached the point that one of the personal challenges of this financier is to learn more about biological and scientific-technical knowledge of the fish because “biology is something entirely different from spreadsheets”. So, if you are ever asked: how to talk about passion without mentioning the word passion? The answer is easy: talking about aquaculture with Erik Tveteraas.

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