TalentView: Mark Allsopp

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    Article by Rocío Álvarez Jiménez & Marta Negrete.

    When you ask Mark Allsopp, CEO of True South Seafood Group, what led him into aquaculture, he starts by telling you that he grew up in a small town in the north of Western Australia, where his whole life revolved around the ocean, swimming, fishing, diving, surfing.  However, his mind jumps almost immediately to other words, love, passion, respect, sustainability. And just like that, in seconds, it all comes together.

    “I’ve always loved the ocean. I was passionate about the ocean. I also love food. A lot of people say the two things came together. I had a lot of respect for the ocean and the seafood that came out of it. And the best thing I thought of was to produce, to get into seafood production in a sustainable way”. And this is how the story of a career committed to the ocean begins.

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