TalentView: Matthijs Metselaar

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    Article by Andrea Mujica Pereira & Marta Negrete.

    Have you ever played Monopoly? When you start you have an idea, you’re going to buy that street and build a couple of hotels, or maybe get that station. But then, as the game goes on, things happen that take you down a different path, sometimes the path to success. That happened to Matthijs Metselaar, veterinarian and founder of Aquatic Vets Ltd. During his path through the game board, several sidesteps into industry and research appeared, but all contributed to his aquatic veterinary knowledge base.

    It is not about how you get there that matters in the end, so with all those pieces, Matt ended up playing another game, that of Aquaculture, an industry in which, he says, “you’re very much looking for a puzzle to solve, and that is what keeps it interesting, you don’t stop learning from the day you start it”. What more could anyone who enjoys challenges ask for?

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