AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Introducing Closed Pen Technology to the American Industry

AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Introducing Closed Pen Technology to the American Industry

We are starting our new series on one of the newest players in the United States Aquaculture Industry. American Aquafarms. Therefore, we will be bringing several articles on the splendid work the company will be performing. They were founded in 2019 and are bringing an innovative Closed Pen System production to the State of Maine. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Teodor Strand-Johansen about the organization, where he is the Marketing Director.

Worldwide seafood demand has grown exponentially every year. In fact, people are consuming more seafood, but are also being more conscious of what they are eating. There is an enormous potential for internal production in the USA since it is one of the fastest-growing seafood markets. However, 90% of their seafood consumption is from imported products. "It does not matter how sustainable we produce a salmon in Norway or Chile if the fish needs to travel overseas halfway across the world to reach the market. The inspiration behind American Aquafarms is to provide sustainable and fresh salmon to Americans."

How is American Aquafarms Different?

We have seen different organizations engaging themselves in the sustainable American fish market. So, I asked Teodor, how is American Aquafarms different from the rest? "How we separate from the other players is that we are taking words into actions. We are walking the extra mile to make sure our entire value chain is sustainable from egg to final product, and we will achieve that by using Closed Pen Technology. This is not something new, but we are going to be the first company in the world that does this on a commercial big scale". To sum up, American Aquafarms will be producing their salmon in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, in the US for the US.

Closed Pen Systems uses the best features from ordinary mariculture and land-based farming and puts them in the ocean. Traditional Salmon Farming has 3 main problems: Ocean Waste, Salmon Escape, and Sea Lice. With Closed Pen Systems, American Aquafarms gets rid of all three.

These systems are similar to ordinary mariculture systems. The biggest difference is that outside of the pen we have a strong polymer sack, where waste is collected. Waterflow is present thanks to separate pipes that pump and collect water circularly through the system. This technology gives them the ability to monitor the temperature and water quality within each pen. Ensuring fish welfare at all times. "In addition, we will also be in control of the entire value chain for the entire life span of the fishes."

Where Does American Aquafarms' Job Start and End?

Having total control of the entire value chain is a central part of American Aquafarms' vision. Thus, everything will happen in-house. From egg to the different final products, so it can be sent out to the market. They want to make sure the consumers have complete traceability of the products on their tables. This also allows the organization to keep the sustainability across the life span of the salmon and keep a quality stamp they can provide to their market. Standing 100% behind their product. from A to B.

In our next entry you will be learning more about American Aquafarms, the reason why they choose salmon and what the organization stands for. If you'd like to find out how to take part in this innovative project, do not miss out.

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