AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Closed Pen Salmon

AQT Spotlight on American Aquafarms – Closed Pen Salmon

In our previous article about American Aquafarms we gave you a brief introduction on their plans and operations. In addition to that we want to share the meaning behind their organization and why they choose to produce salmon in the US.

Why Salmon?

Salmon is an extremely popular protein in the global production industry. One of the reasons is because this fish species has a 1:1 feed conversion rate. With the rising global demand for salmon, it is important to offer a product that is sustainable, locally produced, and short-transported. But these three aspects are not currently available for U.S consumers. American Aquafarms, however, brings sustainable, fresh, traceable, and certified products to the American market. Hence, making of these their focus and core vision. This has represented huge investments in their operations, as well as in the community and the environment.

What Does American Aquafarms Stand for?

"I discussed this recently. We are a company with a flat structure. Everyone's voice is heard, valued, and important". American Aquafarms' essence is centered on offering good sustainable products. This while supplying high-quality job opportunities for Americans. Additionally, bringing Norwegian seafood knowledge and merging it with hard-working inspirational American culture. They are building an organization where everyone is reachable and the distances for communication are short.

The word around American Aquafarms has spread fast in the industry and a lot of people have shown interest in this project. A lot of people want to engage in this innovative sustainable organization and the opportunities it is building. For instance, opportunities for our environment and opportunities for the community in Maine. But also, opportunities for Americans looking to grow and strengthen their careers and skills in a top-notch organization with amazing benefits that go beyond a great salary.

If you are in the USA and want to take a part of American Aquafarms, contact us at AquacultureTalent today!

In the future, we will be discussing the technicalities behind the sustainability in their production. If you do not want to miss out on this innovative company, make sure to follow us on social media so you get notified when we post more about American Aquafarms.

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