Employer Branding from The Talent’s Perspective

    We have said a lot about Employer Branding. But what is Employer Branding from the Talent’s shoes? These are strategies we design for them, are they really finding them necessary? Today I won’t be sharing interview results specifically, but more a general overview of how talent perceives all those Employer Branding Efforts and Strategies you spent so much time designing. So, let’s dive in.

    The Process in Attracting Talent

    So we described the general process and elements to designing your Employer Brand. How does this process look from the talent’s end? First, they become familiar with your brand and what you represent. This is by being able to see posts and information of your company, the way you brand to your consumers through the different communication channels. Second, they start liking you. Yeah, they know who you are, they know what you do, but does this actually resonate with them? They need to feel like your company values and mission are something they sympathize with. This part also includes the way you promote the different opportunities and achievements among your teams.

    In the third place, these values and missions are something they want to take a part in. They see your organization as a possibility for their career. They feel like the opportunities and prepositions your company has to offer are something that is for them. Then in the fourth place, they apply. But this process is not a simple one, it also depends on how easy and friendly you make the application process for your candidates. And how is the feedback from your organization once they are taken through the pipeline.

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    But we all know Employer Branding doesn’t end in Talent Attraction. So, what are their perceptions once they are part of your organization?

    The Process in Talent Retention

    You both decided to join paths. Now let’s see what happens on the talent’s end regarding your Employer Branding Strategy. First, they start liking working with you. This is because of the way you decide to communicate with your employees, but also has a lot to do with an effective onboarding process, and great leadership. They also keep in consideration the different ways you offer to support them personally and professionally. Your new employees feel like they made the right decision by joining you. Second, your employee is compromised to your organization, and you can see this because their productivity improved or has not decreased in the time they have been with you. This engagement is also tightly linked to the development opportunities you offer for them.

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    In the third place, your employee will develop loyalty. And this is probably one of the most difficult to achieve. The best way to achieve it is by carefully analyzing the reason other employees have left your organization. This is tightly linked to career opportunities, Company’s results, and remuneration. And last, your employees or former employees will recommend your organization to other talents. This is one of the most important signs. Only someone that feels happy and comfortable with your organization will recommend others to do the same.

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