The Effects of Hyperspecialization in Aquaculture

The Effects of Hyperspecialization in Aquaculture

Industrialized economies and modern businesses are demanding more skilled workers. Most jobs require specific occupational skills. Nonetheless, in order to increase their opportunities in today's job market, job seekers are needing to gain generic skills as well. We have found there is a gap between what employers seek in talent and what the talent is able to offer. In the Aquaculture, Seafood, and Fisheries industries there is a high demand for an educated and skilled workforce. What are the effects of talent hyperspecialization in Aquaculture?

Much of the success and growth the Aquaculture industry has seen in the past 20 years comes from the benefits work and task divisions have. The advancement in technology, knowledge, and communications, has promoted a boost to specialization in our industry. As industrialization began, people saw jobs transform into multiple jobs. This particular phenomenon is explained by Richard Sennett in his book The Corrosion of Character. In modern days we are seeing jobs all over the world convert into smaller nuclei that perform highly specialized tasks. In a project, we will then have different specialists that will be responsible for different smaller tasks.

The Results of Hyperspecialization

However, I do want to highlight that hyperspecialization in aquaculture is not a euphemism for outsourcing or offshoring. More precisely, when we use this term we are referring to taking the work previously done by one individual. Then break it into pieces done by different personnel. This division leads to better quality, faster results, and cost reduction. An individual can spend a long time in tasks for which they are not experts or may not enjoy performing. With work specialization, we can have different individuals engaged in multiple activities that are done better and for which they have skilled knowledge. The quality of the final product improves because more specialty, effort, and detail go into completing it.

If we utilize the resources our employees provide with their work we will be able to complete projects faster, but will also have a big cost reduction. You will be taking a load off of workers and dividing it efficiently among specialists. Who will complete them faster. When you are able to turn and delegate to an expert, you won't have to reinvent water. Maybe you will need to pay more for a specialist. However, they will get the job done faster than someone who doesn't have the knowledge has a cheaper rate, but will take more time to get the job done.

Getting Specialized Team Members

Specialized and skilled workers are a critical factor for business success. And the best way to attract the most specialized team member that will optimize your company's results is by having the best Employer Branding Strategies in place. Know that if there is one specific Skill or Knowledge that is being extremely relevant at the moment, a lot of other organizations in your field will be behind the same talent. And we are at times where Talent gets to choose who to work for, instead of the other way around. So you will need to seed and cultivate strategies and communities that will ensure your business will be the go-to option for those hyperspecialized workers.

Even though it has great benefits I believe transparency is important this is why I want to talk about the times this phenomenon can become detrimental for economies, industries, organizations, and talent. Hyperspecialization in Aquaculture can increase the skill gap between organizations' needs and the talents market. Regardless of the high unemployment rates, you can find it harder as a company to hire specific specialized talent. Which will translate into studying and redefining your business' needs and roles. So, you must be extremely careful at the extent you will give hyperspecialization in your company.

The other end to this is in Qualifying and helping your current workers become more skilled and specialized. This way you will tackle the needs your business have and invest in your own employees. Helping your employees grow along with your organization is always a positive outcome for everyone in the working relationship. If the industry is evolving, changing, and being more innovative, you must be a part of this. And what better way than constructing it from within?


At AquacultureTalent we can assist you not only in designing and implementing the right employer branding strategies to attract the right talent. We also specialize in finding the talent that may not come to you when not having those strategies in place. Either need you are presenting, contact us today.

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