Employer Branding and Recruitment: How are they Connected?

Employer Branding and Recruitment: How are they Connected?

In recent posts, we have talked about what Employer Branding is and the best ways to optimize these practices and strategies. We all know today's job market is highly competitive. That is the reason why today I would like to deeply address why Employer Branding is important from a recruitment perspective. Developing a strong and positive Employer Brand is crucial to effectively carry out recruitment processes.

Employer Branding and Recruitment

Employer Branding is crucial for business survival. Having positive Employer Branding is important in recruitment because it helps you attract and retain top talent. And it is not a secret that top talent is the key to business growth and prosperity. People want to know what makes your organization such a great place to work. Going beyond salary and benefits is the opportunity to show the world what your development opportunities are. Show them how much of a cornerstone your organizational culture is for the company. And these positively impact the impression prospective employees have of you.

Having negative or poor Employer Branding is going to prevent you from attracting the best candidates. As a matter of fact, it will make you lose your best employees. Poor Employer Branding is also connected to a loss of sales, bad press, negative reviews, and, of course, being below your competitors.

Employer Branding Benefits in Recruitment

We must never underestimate the effect employer branding has on our overall organizational processes. Investing in your employer brand will help you save money in the long run, let me explain why. Having a great and positive reputation among job seekers will help you attract the best talent. People that not only are great at what they do but are passionate about it and want to work with you. This will make your sourcing process a lot quicker and simpler. But a positive employer brand also reduces employee turnover, people that are working with you want to stay working with you. Your retention rate increases because they feel happy and comfortable with your organization and will perform more efficiently and be loyal. Reducing new-hire costs is a great opportunity to reinvest in your current talent.


So let us talk about what brings us here today, right? Why is Employer Branding important for your organization's Recruitment practices and effectiveness?

  • Attraction and Retention: New and current talent want to be associated with an organization that shows they care. Showing your care for your people, the environment, and the things that drive you on a personal level. People that have the same drive as you will want to join and stay as well as have the freedom to work on what they want to work.
  • Online Presence: Social media plays a crucial part in our modern world. We will discuss its importance for employer branding and recruitment in a future post.
  • Cost reduction: Retaining your current talent reduced the cost of finding new talent. Caring and investing in their well-being and happiness is key to a positive Employer Brand. Remember your employers are your Brand Ambassadors as well, so they will help you spread the word like fire.
  • Become global: People around the world will be interested in working with you. Becoming global gives you a bigger and more qualified talent pool.

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