“Empowering Women Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Development” is now in Greece

The program will run in Greece until June 18, 2023, and seeks to empower and support young women in aquaculture and to recognize their contribution.
"Empowering Women Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Development" program in Greece, 2023. Photo by: Intissare Aamri.
"Empowering Women Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Development" program in Greece, 2023. Photo by: Intissare Aamri.

The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), and the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) have announced the program "Empowering Women Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Development," which will run in Greece until June 18.

Following the success of the previous activity organized in Tunisia in 2022, the project has been repeated. The mission: empowering and supporting young women in the aquaculture sector, but this time with Greece as the stage.

"Women are a powerhouse of untapped potential in the aquaculture sector. Their unique perspectives and skills can drive Blue transformation and sustainable growth", said Houssam Hamza, GFCM Aquaculture Officer.

Undoubtedly, aquaculture plays a fundamental role in the economic development and food security of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. In this regard, women make significant contributions in various areas of the industry, from fish farming production to research. However, these often go unrecognized when we talk about women.

Therefore, this platform will enable young women in the region to gain valuable knowledge and practical experience in the sector. This will be achieved through a series of theoretical sessions focusing on sharing best practices in the industry.

As Lara Barazi, FEAP president explained: "Enabling women to advance their education and experience in aquaculture while connecting them with top industry professionals from different regions in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea is vital for nurturing the next generation of aquaculture experts."

Theoretical sessions. Photo by: Intissare Aamri.

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