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Ángel León, well-known as “Chef of the Sea“, has signed a collaboration agreement with Avramar, one of the leading fish companies to promote their species and develop innovative dishes. Through this agreement, the chef of Aponiente has become the brand ambassador.

This was announced at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona by both the chef and the company in the cooking show of the event. Thus, after the culinary spectacle, the agreement was announced, which is expected to promote the product, because Ángel León’s characteristics as a chef include the use of seafood products freshly and innovatively, as well as his commitment to sustainability.

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Ángel León is recognized for his expertise. The chef of the Aponiente restaurant currently holds three Michelin Stars and one Michelin Green Star, in addition to being awarded in 2022 as the World’s Most Sustainable Restaurant in the World by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The manager of AVRAMAR in Spain, Tahiche Lacomba, said of the partnership: “I can’t imagine a better brand ambassador than Ángel León, with whom we share fundamental values, such as a commitment to sustainability and a passion and respect for the sea. We are also united by his open-mindedness when it comes to making the most of fish, valuing all its parts, and minimizing food waste”.

The Corvina REX

Therefore, the product to which it is related will be the main product of Avramar in Spain, the Corvina REX. In the cooking show, the chef explained how all the parts could be used and gave the guests three different ways to cook it. One of them was the glazed pancetta of corvina, another the “tiradito” (raw fish) of corvina in spicy spring onion whey, and the last one the sea bass “a la bilbaína” (a sauce with garlic, chili, sweet paprika, white wine vinegar and olive oil cooked, put in the fish and take to the oven) with plankton.

Ángel León, shared in the event with the attendees his close relationship with Corvina: “It brings back memories of my childhood and my beloved homeland, Cádiz. In addition, Corvina is a high-quality fish, with a delicate flavor and a firm texture, which invites creativity. [… This is] a species that, thanks to aquaculture and Corvina REX, is available all year round; thus, fulfilling my dream of having this delicacy of the sea in my restaurant daily”.

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Ángel León holding a Corvina. Photo by: Avramar.

About Avramar

Avramar focuses on the development and production of the globally recognized Mediterranean species of Corvina, sea bass and sea bream, while at the same time developing a range of equally delicious species such as Stone Bass and Pagrus. The company is applying new technologies and processes to improve both production efficiency and product quality while maintaining its commitment to world-class sustainability standards.

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