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It has as much Omega-3 as salmon

Avramar has started a campaign to promote its Greek stone bass for its culinary and nutritional qualities. The company raises this King of the Mediterranean at its sustainable and certified sea farms. It is also known as Mediterranean Meagre, and Kranios locally in Greece.

According to the company, this product is a rich source of proteins (high in vitamins) and has as much Omega-3 as salmon. Moreover, has a sustainable nature from responsible and certified aquaculture. Further, you can enjoy this product fresh all year.

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Finally, it is very versatile. It can be cooked under a large variety of options; raw in ceviche or sushi, chargrill for hearty Mediterranean dishes, oven or salt bake. When cooked, it doesn’t seep proteins and fat (as with salmonids), which means no fishy odors.

Precisely, the Avramar Sea Bass won the Superior Taste Awards in June, granted by the International Taste Institute in Brussels.

About Avramar

Avramar focuses on the development and production of the globally recognized Mediterranean species of Sea Bass and Sea Bream, while at the same time developing a range of equally delicious species such as Stone Bass and Pagrus. The company is applying new technologies and processes to improve both production efficiency and product quality while maintaining its commitment to world-class sustainability standards.

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