Aquaculture public image (II): the possible solutions

    There is plenty of objective data to demonstrate the benefits of aquaculture, but the industry needs to find an effective way to communicate them.

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    Does aquaculture have a public image problem? That was the question we posed in our previous article in this series. We saw that some believe it is, but also that others do not. We saw that the data support the good practices and results of this industry, but we also saw that’s not enough, and more work needs to be done. We saw different positions, but a unanimous opinion: information is the best tool we have to fight against any adversary.

    It may be discrediting campaigns, myths, or disinformation; it may be the media or social networks echoing the sector only when conflictive cases or problems arise, and not in the vast majority of good news; but whatever the problem faced by the sector, it is going to do so through information. There are many good things to tell, we just have to do it in the right way and maintain that effort over time.

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