Blue Revolution: From Diver to ROV & AUV

Blue Revolution: From Diver to ROV & AUV

In a couple of posts in the past, we talked about how technology has shaped the Aquaculture Industry. We also introduced the term Blue Revolution. To dive deep into the Blue Revolution and Technology in Aquaculture, today we want to talk about Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUV), and the changes they have brought into our industry. From Diver to ROV and AUV.

The most important thing in aquaculture happens below the surface of the water. So it has been essential, since the inception of the industry, to be able to assess everything that happens down there. This is why there came the need to have divers in the first place. ROVs and AUVs are not a replacement for Aquaculture Divers, but an added instrument to ease operations and improve results.

Before Technology

Farming fish at sea has a lot of benefits. But with benefits, there comes responsibility and tasks. Things that need to be taken care of to improve and ensure production. This is why we need Aquaculture Divers. With the use of different equipment, they are able to access the fish farm site underwater. By doing so, they are able to assess any issue that may be happening with the fish or the cages and work to resolve it.

Being an Aquaculture Diver is more than just putting an oxygen tank on your back and jumping in the water. The role requires various preparations, certifications, and skills. As well as knowledge about the equipment they will be operating and fish health. Like I said it is not just about jumping in the water. The right skills include the ability to perform work and repair tasks while they are beneath the surface. Like properly tying knots, operate and fix chains and shackles, and operate machines. To inspect and report the situation under the surface.

Technology: ROV and AUV

Technology has ease farm site operations in many ways. As for AUVs and ROVs, they survey and inspect the situation in order to plan and maintain the underwater site. But what exactly are these two devices? What are their benefits? How do they complement Diver's job duties?

Both of these machines are equipped with lights, cameras, and probes.


As we said, these are Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles. That is machines that are underwater and maneuvered by someone on the surface in order to explore what is beneath it. ROVs are machines connected to the ship by cables. ROVs are a great machine to help the farm regularly inspect the mooring system. Like almost every AI, their operations are greatly based on prediction. Meaning, they will be a great tool to identify any error or inconsistency that can result in fish escapes or accidents.


Are Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. That is machines that are underwater and are uncrewed. These machines are used to conduct survey missions. And are preprogrammed to collect certain data and return with the necessary information. They operate to map the depths of the ocean and without cables.

Human + Technology

As I said, this is not about technology and unmanned vehicles replacing the hard work of Aquaculture divers. The whole purpose of this post is to highlight how Technology complements and completes divers' jobs. If divers cannot access or safely access a site, their job is eased by these vehicles.

Unmanned vehicles are useful for an initial inspection and assessment of underwater conditions. Done even before divers are brought in. These inspections and assessments will then be necessary when divers are preparing equipment and tools to solve and facilitate operations.

Human action in Aquaculture operations is and will always be necessary. Human skills and expertise are essential for underwater operations and work. Unmanned vehicles help divers and companies in the making of studies, inspections, and plans. This way, time and resources are used effectively and safely.

In Conclusion

The Aquaculture industry got the point. This is not about man against the machine. The future of the industry and its sustainability rely heavily on technological advancements and evolution. The Blue Revolution is deeply rooted in the improvement of current conditions. And Technology, just like the Blue Revolution, are here to stay. We, as organizations and part of society, need to jump on board. At AquacultureTalent we will assist you in finding the best divers in the industry. Make sure your investments are well taken care of.

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