Blue Revolution: From Diver to ROV & AUV

    ROVs are a great tool to identify any error or inconsistency that can result in fish escapes or accidents.

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    In a couple of posts in the past, we talked about how technology has shaped the Aquaculture Industry. We also introduced the term Blue Revolution. To dive deep into the Blue Revolution and Technology in Aquaculture, today we want to talk about Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUV), and the changes they have brought into our industry. From Diver to ROV and AUV.

    The most important thing in aquaculture happens below the surface of the water. So it has been essential, since the inception of the industry, to be able to assess everything that happens down there. This is why there came the need to have divers in the first place. ROVs and AUVs are not a replacement for Aquaculture Divers, but an added instrument to ease operations and improve results.

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