Why the future of “blue revolution” concerns all of us

    WeAreAquaculture talks with promising researchers and young professionals who are putting efforts into not only making the blue revolution a reality but keeping us proud of it.

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    Probably, sometimes we forget the importance of water not only for human beings but for any living species. Apart from all its basic functions, our food grows thanks to water. It carries our waste away and supports almost all of our productive activities.

    According to World Water Development Report (WWDR), around 14% of the water is only used for domestic tasks (drinking, cooking, washing, etc.). On the other hand, 70% is used for growing food and fiber. The remaining 16% is used for industrial and energy purposes.

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    From here comes into play the important work of aquaculture that is rapidly overtaking traditional fishing. Through this blue revolution, we can adapt production to reach food safety, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

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