What are Change and Transformation?

    Change demands for past situations to be assessed and compared to the present in order to plan a future outcome or outlook.

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    Heraclitus said that change is the only constant in life. We believe change is certainly the core of humans as a species. Our world is constantly evolving and innovating. Companies that have success innovating their processes are usually the ones that can handle business effectively. The lack of change and transformation in an organization will most likely translate into losses and an inability to accomplish goals. But what are change and transformation?

    Although they can be considered synonyms, they have different meanings. Change within organizations is characterized by an evaluation of the past and its comparison to the present. Then setting a direction for the future state of the organization. Transformation, on the other hand, consists in reformulating the current state of the organization. Change and transformation are both important in their own unique way. So, let’s define and tell them apart. Shall we?

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