Team of intelligent people developing and implementing new smart creative ideas. Group of smiling young people raising up bright, shining, electric Edison light bulbs as symbol of idea and innovation
Team of intelligent people developing and implementing new smart creative ideas. Group of smiling young people raising up bright, shining, electric Edison light bulbs as symbol of idea and innovation

How to Invest in Your Employees

Previously we briefly discussed why as an organization you should be investing in your employees. These practices do not only improve your Employer Branding Strategies. They also help you achieve improved results within your organization and the industry. Placing you in the best place as an employer but also placing your product under the spotlight for good reasons. Today, I want to talk about the different ways you can invest in your employees. This would help you improve your internal processes!

Talent is constantly and actively looking for growth within their roles. This includes career development and new opportunities in the organization. This is an important aspect we have talked about in previous posts about Employer Branding. And it is a key factor when going in the market. The race for Talent in the Aquaculture industry is highly competitive, and not investing in your employees will have a negative impact on your organization. Not only it won't help you attract and retain great talent. The lack of investment in your team members will put you behind in the innovation that characterizes our industry. The development of new skills and competencies among your stand will increase their loyalty and happiness as well as bring you a great ROI (Return-On-Investment). So what should you be doing?

Invest in Skill Development

This is kind of implicit. People can feel disengaged from the company and their roles if they do not see or experience development and challenges within. If they feel like their professional career has become motionless and are stuck in the same place, then they will probably not be happy with your organization. Every career in aquaculture is different as well as the interest each of your employees will be aiming towards. This is why you need to provide development plans for each of them. The first part of these plans is having your employees know themselves and where they want to be heading. Then have them discuss this with you and together come up with a plan.

A plan that will take them towards where they want to be. Your role here is to provide them with the tools and support to get there. Constantly track their progress and help them be accountable for the direction they are taking.

Invest in Personal Growth

Yes, investing in our employees' skills that are directly connected to our business will definitely bring plenty of benefits to the overall organization. However, I have said it in the past, as humans our wellbeing is influenced by the different roles we play as individuals and in society. Employees want more control over where they will be heading in the future. So, maybe they want to start a course on something that is not related to your business or aquaculture in general. However, every skill set they develop will help them become stronger individuals and professionals. If they want to hone their skills in a hobby of them, you should support it just like you would support their career growth.

Keeping their minds off of work and feeling like they can invest their time in something else they are also passionate about will keep your employees happy. And of course, if you are the one encouraging and promoting this personal growth, their engagement towards your organization will consequently grow. Each personality is different, so we

Competitive compensation

You probably know this by now, but just a little heads up, you are not the only company looking to attract and retain employees. I know, what a shocker right? Anyway, now over with the cynicism. Most talent is worried about their finances and always looking for ways to climb their current situation. A good piece of advice is, if you know you have or want qualified talent, you need to have benefits that make them want to be with you.

Offer good salaries. Provide them with health care benefits. Sketch out excellent emotional salaries that will make you stand out. And always be open to evaluating these on an annual basis. If you aren't offering competitive compensation to your employees, know that someone else will be willing to pay what they feel they are worth!