Australian Government to invest in world’s largest indoor bio-secure aquaculture facility

Close up of a large barramundi swimming
Close up of a large barramundi swimming

MainStream Aquaculture and Opal welcomed the Australian Government's announcement of $30 million to develop the world's largest indoor bio-secure aquaculture facility. The aim is to grow and process sustainable Australian barramundi, in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.

Now that they have government confirmation funding support, both companies will move into the final development pathway. This will include detailed facility design, and regulatory and board approvals.

Latrobe Aquaculture project view towards Mill Stage – MainStream Aquaculture

According to MainStream, the cutting-edge $125 million project would create a new industry sector for the region. Besides, it will support high-value, skilled jobs and opportunities for sustainable growth into the future. Thereby, it will focus on the design. Also, it will operate a state-of-the-art facility, which would grow and process more than 3,700 tonnes of premium barramundi for the Australian market annually.

Finally, the proposed aquaculture facility will be located adjacent to the Maryvale Mill. Thus, it will permit complementary resources and infrastructure. Providing direct access to services such as heating, water treatment, energy, and transport infrastructure.

Regarding this announcement, Mr. Boris Musa, MainStream Aquaculture's CEO, commented: "We welcome the opportunity to participate in an innovative business initiative in such a critical industry. Using efficient and sustainable technology for primary food production has significant merit. In addition to its world-class
environmental credentials, barramundi aquaculture has potential to transform socially and financially the local community by developing a new aquaculture precinct in the region."

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