Cermaq confirms a 95% survival rate for Atlantic salmon in 2021

Cermaq confirms a 95% survival rate for Atlantic salmon in 2021

Cermaq's Sustainability Report 2021 shows that the survival rate for Atlantic salmon last year was 95% with variances between areas. Thereby, just 5,609 of more than 90,000,000 fish in its worldwide operations escaped.

Although, the company confirmed it did not reach the goal of zero escapes in 2021. To improve this, it will improve monitoring technology and improvement of work procedures during 2022.

Regarding this, CEO Steven Rafferty, said: "The big challenge lies in fish feed production and the transport to market. Cooperating with suppliers and customers is hence a key part of this commitment."

"This report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards' requirements and has been assured by our external auditors," he added.

Moreover, the report incorporates both industry-specific data and information based on the GRI's protocols. As vaccination of fish, medicine use, sea lice treatment, ingredients in the salmon feed, interaction with wildlife, escapes, energy use, OHS figures, and taxes and investments per country.

Cermaq considers that salmon farming engages many around the world and robust data are necessary to facilitate the public debate. So, these data can improve operations but also create constructive discussion and dialogue with stakeholders.

Finally, Lars Galtung, director for sustainability and communication, concluded: "This has been the basis for Cermaq's comprehensive sustainability reporting and why our auditors review externally our report".

About Cermaq

Cermaq is a leading global salmon producer driving transition of our food system towards healthier and more climate-friendly food. Our approach is transparency, performance, and partnerships, setting ambitious climate goals, innovation for clean farming, and scaling impact and ripple effects through local and global partnerships.

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