Blumar Seafoods announces an operational EBIT 200% more than last year’s for Q1 2022

Blumar Seafoods announces an operational EBIT 200% more than last year’s for Q1 2022

Blumar Seafoods has delivered a total operating EBITDA of 29,9 MM USD during Q1 2022. 218% more compared to the previous year (9,4 MM USD). Also, a profit of 147,8 MM USD, 11% more than in 2021 (132,8 MM USD). In more detail, income from salmon production increased from 75 to 82,0 MMUSD while frozen horse mackerel decreased from 30,2 to 25,1 MM USD.

As it highlights, the company indicated in a report a less own capture due to the delayed start of the season and a smaller wholesale craft purchase because of Peruvian anchoveta abundance. This is an oceanic species which makes it more difficult to capture. Finally, a greater use of frozen horse mackerel (from 79% to 84%).

Blumar Seafoods had focused on sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint. Moreover, the use of antibiotics increases ASC certifications for salmon, waste management, and the use of renewable energies.

Besides, the company commits to reducing the use of antibiotics in salmon farming by 58% before 2027. Along with this, obtained of the Huella Chile Program has awarded 100% of its facilities with the carbon footprint quantification seal. Finally, salmon farming centers have been included in the Aysén and Magallanes regions for the first time.

Furthermore, Blumar has defined a strategy to increase the management and recovery of waste. Thereby, in 2027, a total of 80% will be recovered in a circular economy scheme.

About Blumar Seafoods

Blumar Seafoods is a world-class company dedicated to fishing and aquaculture. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, it has excelled in the development of quality products while maintaining harmony with the environment. Its fishing products are frozen horse mackerel for human consumption and fishmeal and fish oil for use in animal feed.

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