Avramar Mediterranean fish wins the Superior Taste Awards

Avramar Mediterranean fish wins the Superior Taste Awards

Avramar has won the Superior Taste Awards for its top-quality Mediterranean fish, granted by the International Taste Institute in Brussels. A total of 200 professional chefs and sommeliers made a sensory evaluation of the relevant products.

Precisely, the Avramar Sea Bass has received the highest score: three stars. Besides, Avramar's Pagrus Major and Stone Bass (known as Corvina in Iberia, Maigre in France, and Bocca d'Oro in Italy) received two stars.

During the ceremony, the International Taste Institute reported: "Life is too short not to eat and drink well. At least, that's what we believe at the Taste Institute. That is why we created the Superior Taste Award. Every year thousands of products are evaluated, but only the best are certified."

Finally, Thor Talseth, CEO of Avramar, commented: "Our mission is to make Better Fish for Better Lives. We are very proud that our outstanding Mediterranean fish receives this level of recognition for its exceptional taste. Congratulations to all award winners."

You can take a look at our Talent View on Antonio Coli to know more about the group. Antonio engaged with Selonda/Avramar for over 16 years.

About Avramar

Avramar focuses on the development and production of the globally recognized Mediterranean species of Sea Bass and Sea Bream, while at the same time developing a range of equally delicious species such as Stone Bass and Pagrus. The company is applying new technologies and processes to improve both production efficiency and product quality while maintaining its commitment to world-class sustainability standards.

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