Salmon is the top choice for sushi consumers, according to NSC

Salmon is the top choice for sushi consumers, according to NSC

World Sushi Day – 18th June 

Salmon is the world's favorite sushi topping, according to a global survey from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). It examines the seafood habits of more than 20,000 consumers – the largest of its kind for seafood – across 20 key markets each year.

Above all, salmon is the preferred sushi topping in 17 out of the 20 markets studied. From these, 64% of consumers cited salmon as their top choice when it comes to sushi.

The Norwegian salmon industry delivers sustainable salmon to the equivalent of more than 14 million meals of Norwegian salmon eaten around the world every single day. To continue this, NCS confirms it must continue to research, increase transparency, and invest in innovation.

In addition, this survey shows the popularity of salmon. In South Korea, accounts for half of the sashimi sold – taking the top spot from traditionally popular flatfish. Secondly, in Germany people who often eat sushi also eat salmon more often. Finally, in France salmon is synonymous with sushi.

NCS indicates that for four years in a row, the Coller FAIRR index of the world's most sustainable protein producers has ranked Norwegian aquaculture companies as the best in class. 

Furthermore, three of the seven companies ranked as 'low risk' for various parameters linked to sustainability are Norwegian aquaculture companies. 

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