Gideon Pringle returns to Mowi as Managing Director of its Canada East division

Gideon Pringle returns to Mowi as Managing Director of its Canada East division

He left the company in 2019

Mowi Canada East has announced the appointment of Gideon Pringle as Managing Director. He returns to the company after leaving in 2019 to take up the role of Director of Farming with Scottish Sea Farms.

Pringle has a degree in Marine & Fisheries and Biology and Ph.D. in Atlantic salmon genetics. Also, he has 37 years of experience in salmon aquaculture including breeding, broodstock, freshwater and seawater development, and fish health.

Regarding his return, the new Managing Director said: "I am very happy to rejoin Mowi. To be part of this very motivated team that will lead Canada East to realize its full potential."

In addition, he noted: "During my time in the aquaculture sector, I have come to realize that there is no single formula about how to farm salmon. The key is to be knowledgeable, adaptable, and most important have the best team of people."

On the other hand, Kristina White became Interim Managing Director. Thereby, she will support the company's directive to develop the strongest possible operational team. Further, Kris Laird joined the Canadian team as Seawater Production Director.

Finally, Ben Hadfield, COO for Mowi's Scotland, Ireland, Faroese, and Canada East farming regions, noted: "I believe we now have established the best possible team that will work hard and smart, safely and at pace to realize the success we know is possible in Canada East and specifically the southern coast of Newfoundland."

Last month, the company received good news about the renewal of their licenses in British Columbia.

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