US Chefs, environmental NGOs and business leaders join forces to promote sustainable aquaculture

Seaside wind power generation and coastal salt and farming farms.
Seaside wind power generation and coastal salt and farming farms.

Through the Coalition for Sustainable Aquaculture (CSA)

The Coalition for Sustainable Aquaculture (CSA), formed by a group of top chefs, NGOs and business leaders, is born to promote the sustainable and equitable growth of offshore aquaculture in the US.

Firstly, the CSA will create a strong regulatory framework to ensure offshore aquaculture is safe, sustainable, equitable, and science-based. Secondly, it will offer new opportunities for historically disadvantaged and excluded communities to access and benefit from the new industry.

Finally, the coalition will encourage government studies and on-the-water pilot programs to address knowledge gaps and determine best practices.

Among the members are the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Minorities in Aquaculture, The Marine Mammal Center, Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE), Lowcountry Oyster Co., Blue Dot Sea Farms, AquaSpark, Monterey Bay Seaweeds, Neptune Sustainable Ocean Snacks, and Postelsia.

Andrew Zimmern, an award winning chef and founding CSA member explained in a statement: "I know first-hand that when it comes to aquaculture, consumers increasingly want to know that the fish on their plate is grown sustainably and with rigorous standards, and we're coming together to forge a movement to make it possible."

Moreover, founding member Imani Black and CEO & Founder of Minorities in Aquaculture, said, "By committing to responsible, homegrown aquaculture that includes offshore farming, we can build a sustainable supply chain for everyone, all while growing equitable and inclusive jobs. That means more Americans can have sustainably sourced, nutritious seafood in their local grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets, and in their homes."

To sum up, this coalition seeks to "show the world how to build a science-backed aquaculture industry founded in sustainable, equitable practices that creates jobs and contributes to food security alongside well-managed traditional fisheries".

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