Young’s Seafood launches its biggest brand refresh

Young’s Seafood launches its biggest brand refresh

The company started selling whitebait on the banks of the River Thames in 1805

UK fish and seafood company, Young's Seafood, has launched its biggest brand refresh in over 20 years. It includes a new logo featuring its founder Elizabeth Young. The family company first started selling whitebait on the banks of the River Thames in 1805.

Thereby, Young's will offer a new fish finger featuring 100% fillet which is bigger and entirely made in Britain. Also, the new branding and packaging will feature an illustration of Elizabeth, "to create a fresh and contemporary look while retaining the instantly recognizable blue and red brand colors", the company confirmed.

The aim is to feature in the new pack the philosophy of making fish accessible to everyone. Moreover, Elizabeth's modern legacy is through its commitment to British seafood production and responsible sourcing. The first product will be launched in Asda on August 17th.

Besides, the marketing initiatives will include price promotions to drive product trials and raise awareness of the brand repositioning among new and existing shoppers.

To clarify, Paul Craft, Chief Commercial Officer for Youngs owner, Sofina Europe, explained Young's brand familiarity with British customers: "Elizabeth's story creates significant interest and intrigue. We aim to use this to attract incremental shoppers to the category. There's no better product for us to do this with than the iconic British fish finger."

"We asked consumers where fish fingers currently fell short and what they needed to deliver for the best possible taste and eating experience. The result is a bigger, better and made in Britain product that is affordable, accessible and absolutely delicious," Craft ended.

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