Bakkafrost, ranked as one of the top Scandinavian companies in sustainability reporting 

Bakkafrost, ranked as one of the top Scandinavian companies in sustainability reporting 

A new report from Position Green (formerly The Governance Group) has ranked Bakkafrost as one of the top Scandinavian companies in sustainability reporting. 

Therefore, the A score indicates Excellent reporting in line with best practice. Good description of material issues and performance in these areas. A clear strategy and specific, quantifiable targets

The company has been publishing sustainability reports since 2017, accordingly to international sustainability reporting standards, ensuring transparency and comparability. 

To sum up, Tordis Poulsen, Group Sustainability Director at Bakkafrost, said: "We need quality data to show, how far we have come in achieving our sustainability goals, and it is of the utmost importance that all companies work accordingly to recognize reporting frameworks to ensure full transparency."

"Thus, we are delighted to be recognized for our continuous work to develop reliable and transparent sustainability reporting," he added. 

Bakkafrost aims to decouple carbon emissions from their production. As part of the strategy, it has invested in a hybrid wellboat and a fully electric catamaran.

About Bakkafrost Group

Bakkafrost Group is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands. It offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products from its own facilities. Certainly, the cool and steady sea temperatures of the North Atlantic Current in the Faroe Islands provides perfect conditions for raising healthy and robust Atlantic salmon.

The Group controls all aspects of production – from feed to finished value added products. This ensures unrivalled traceability and consistent high quality. Also, it is committed to maintaining the highest standards in relation to fish welfare, sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment.

In May, the Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) renamed its operations in Scotland to Bakkafrost Scotland. Therefore, the Group committed to an investment program to increase the output of premium salmon by more than 40%.

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