“Noray Seafood will have the opportunity to produce shrimp in Europe locally under full control,” CEO Bjorn Aspheim


CP Foods and Noray Seafood's last agreement includes an exclusive EU distribution deal for shrimp post-larvae. The effects and results of this collaboration have already started as the Spanish company has been using these animals for more than 2 years, CEO Bjorn Aspheim told WeAreAquaculture.

According to Noray, shrimp broodstock and post-larvae has the fastest growth, highest survival, and the best health overall. Also, from now on it will be able to provide them to other start-up farms in Europe.

"After testing every possible genetics that can be legally imported to Europe CP / Homegrown is by far the best for our system. This will enable others to benefit from the extreme high quality post larvas," he explained.

Regarding to when and how is planned to be the development of the new hatchery, Aspheim confirmed that the construction of the building has already started. Besides, the first deliveries will take place in the first quarter of 2023.

On the other hand, he attributed the success of these agreements to a combination of "a very reliable, inexpensive, inhouse design, green and full recycle production system, hatchery, high quality genetics and best people".

"By doing what we tell investors while producing and delivering under full control. Indoor farming is extremely challenging. We he have been able to gather the best investors for our future development together," he added.

About Noray Seafood

Noray Seafood is a Spanish company that farms in an entirely natural and sustainable manner shrimp, free from sulfites at its farm located at the center of the Valladolid plateau.

Its breeding system does not use antibiotics, preservatives or dyes in any part of the production process. Therefore, it obtains a "sushi" quality rating or perfect for raw consumption.

About CP Foods

CP Foods is the leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate in the Asia Pacific region. It operates in both livestock and aquaculture (shrimp and fish) businesses. The vertically integrated businesses incorporate the manufacturing of animal feed, animal breeding, animal farming, meat processing, and food processing.

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