Kia Zadegan, new Norcod COO

Kia Zadegan, new Norcod COO

CFO Kia Zadegan has been appointed COO of Norcod AS with immediate effect but remains CFO until the right candidate for this position has been found.

"Norcod is still on a significant growth path with a lot of exciting projects taking place at the moment and also ahead of us. That is why we need to expand the management team as our ambitions remain very high," CEO Christian Riber explained.

"Kia has been at Norcod for 18 months and has done a tremendous job. However, much of the work he has done has been within areas you normally connect to the COO position. Therefore it is natural to both Kia and us that he will take up this position instead. It suits him just perfectly and not least the company," Riber elaborated.

Besides, he added: "Kia will stay in the role as CFO and the work related to the position until we have found his successor. This process is already taking place. We will communicate the news as soon as possible after we have found the right profile for the job."

On the other hand, Kia Zadegan commented: "The last year and a half as Norcod CFO has been tremendous and one of the most fulfilling of my career. I am thrilled about my new appointment as COO at Norcod, a company spearheading a new business area within the seafood industry. We are producing a healthy product of the highest quality in a sustainable and commercially viable manner. The future looks positive, and I am certainly looking forward to the challenge. Our target now is to reach customers across the globe in the coming years with our premium quality product."

About Norcod

Norcod AS is a leading pioneer in sustainable, naturally raised cod. It delivers a premium quality product through cultivation methods that are highly respectful of the shared ocean resources. Its practices align with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Life Below Water and Responsible Consumption & Production.

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