Joanna Davidovich leaves the Chilean Salmon Council executive management

Joanna Davidovich leaves the Chilean Salmon Council executive management

Joanna Davidovich will leave the Chilean Salmon Council executive management on December 1 and will join the board as an independent director. In turn, Salvador Valdés will continue to be linked to the Council as an advisor to the board of directors. The next executive director of the Council will be informed at the end of this month.

"We thank Joanna Davidovich for having led the installation of the Salmon Council. A guild that has contributed to promoting the sustainable development of salmon farming. Along with showing the reality of the activity through transparency and delivery of rigorous and permanent information," stated the institution's board.

On the other hand, Davidovich said: "Chilean salmon farming is a dynamic and innovative sector. It has managed to position our country as the second largest producer in the world. Also, stand out with a product of the highest quality and world-class standards. The world will demand more and more food. Our country has a great opportunity as a supplier of food with extensive nutritional and sustainability benefits such as Chilean salmon. I hope to continue contributing from the board to promote the development of salmon farming and the progress it has brought to the southern regions."

Strengthened presence in Aysén

Additionally, Juan Luis Amenábar arrives at the territorial directorate of Aysén, which allows strengthening the presence of the guild in the macro zone. Therefore, this regional presence is added to the role that Gonzalo Silva plays in Los Lagos. Between 2018 and 2022, Juan Luis was Ministerial Regional Secretary for Energy in the Aysén region.

Juan Luis Amenábar – Chilean Salmon Council

Moreover, Amenábar commented: "We will do an intense job strengthening the link with the communities. Also, the articulation with the different actors in Aysén. Where the operations of the member companies of the Salmon Council are inserted. It is possible to advance in promoting the sustainable development of the region. Through Chilean salmon farming, where Aysén plays a key role by concentrating nearly half of the salmon production."

To sum up, the Chilean Salmon Council brings together the companies AquaChile, Australis, Cermaq, Mowi, and Salmones Aysén. Together, they represent about 52% of Chilean salmon production.

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